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camel in the Australian outback

camel in outback peering in through open car door

Camel IMG 5196 - Camels were brought to Australia in the late 19th century to work as beasts of burden, and they proved invaluable. But as society progressed and they no longer had a role to play, they were simply left to roam across the vast deserts of the Australian outback. They thrived, and today there are an estimated 250,000 feral camels in Australia, and the animal in this photo was once one of them. It has become a pet at the small outback settlement of Toompine - which has a population of merely two people - where it wanders around freely and is the first of the region's inhabitants to greet visitors. Sadly, since this picture was taken, the camel has died. It was poisoned by some scumbag who also poisoned many of the other pet animals owned by Toompine's human residents.

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