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australian tree frog

green tree frog in garden

Dainty tree frog Litoria gracilenta IMG 7019E - Scientists say that frogs are an indicator of the health of the natural world, and that their declining numbers are an indication of a looming environmental crisis. If the first statement is true, and I'm sure it is, some areas of Queensland must be in pretty good shape. There are large populations of green tree frogs in many urban environments, and they don't only reside in trees. Many have made themselves at home in houses and on verandahs where they spend their days sleeping in darkened corners and, to the annoyance of homeowners, they're never in a hurry to leave until the darkness of night inevitably descends. As a new day dawns, they make their way back to their favoured haunts, as though with a homing instinct, and settle down to doze for another day. This tiny frog was spotted on the stem of a fern frond in a damp and shaded corner of the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden.

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