Australian animals - page 3

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Blue tongued lizard in outback Queensland AustraliaBlue tongued lizard
IMG 097A

non-venomous Australian snake, carpet pythonCarpet python
IMG 1089

Brown frog, litoria latoplamataBroad palmed frog IMG 3850

large kangaroo in full flightbeside coast of south AustraliaKangaroo
IMG 7656A

tiny green tree frog on purple petals of Louisiana iris flowerTree frog on iris
IMG 5D3-0249A

red necked wallaby in forestRed necked wallaby
IMG 0056

juvenile eastern water dragon lizardon rockEastern water dragon
IMG 9090

bearded dragon lizardBearded dragon
IMG 040

young joey kangaroo peering from mother's furry pouchKangaroo joey

Male red kangaroo among tall dry grasses in outback AustraliaRed kangaroo
IMG 1159

closeup of face of swamp wallaby eating grassSwamp wallaby
IMG 0184

freshwater turtle with moss growing on shell swimming in clear water of lakeKrefft's turtle

closeup of face ot camel in outback Australia
IMG 5194

tiny juvenile eastern water dragon lizard on stem of fern
Eastern water dragon
IMG 1700

australian goanna, monitor lizard among leaves on forest floorGoanna
IMG D201

closeup of face of young eastern grey kangaroo
Young kangaroo
IMG 0739

eastern water dragon lizard eating large stick insectEastern water dragon
IMG 4264

fox, introduced carnivore / predator, feeding on bloody carcass of dead kangaroo in outback AustraliaFox with kangaroo carcass - IMG 1261

rare rock wallaby among boulders in central AustraliaRock wallaby
IMG 5043

non-venomous snake, carpet pythonCarpet python
IMG 1086


All animals shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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