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female green figbird specotheres viridisGreen figbird
IMG 6113

noisy miner bird manorina melanocephala feeding on orange flowers of aloe Noisy miner bird
IMG 6138

rainbow lorikeet trichoglossus haematodus Rainbow lorikeet
IMG 6157

rainbow lorikeet trichoglossus haematodus feedin on ref flowers of callistemon bottlebrush tree Rainbow lorikeet
IMG 6164

eastern yellow robin eopsaltria australis in flight Eastern yellow robin IMG 5981A

red winged parrots aprosmictus erythropterus in flightRed winged parrots
IMG 6176

noisy miner bird manorina melanocephala feeding on orange flowers of aloeNoisy miner bird
IMG 6134

purple swamp hen porphyrio porphyrio at edge of water Swamp hen
IMG 6149

black winged stilt himantopus himantopus wading in water Black-winged stilt IMG 6293

little pied cormorant phalacrocorax melanoleucos drying wings Little pied cormorant
IMG 6329

striated pardalote pardalotus striatus leaving nesting burrow in bank Striated pardalote
IMG 6249

rainbow lorikeet trichoglossus haematodus among leaves of velevet wattle / acacia tree Rainbow lorikeet
IMG 6299

australian barking owl ninnox connivens in tree hollow in outback australia Barking owl
IMG 8274

emus and chicks beside paroo river in currawinya national aprk outback Queensland australia Emu and chicks
IMG 0743

mallee ringneck parrot barnardius zonarius  in flinders ranges south australia Mallee ringneck
IMG 9263

australian brown falcon Brown falcon
IMG 7795

rainbow bee-eater male merops ornatus against blue sky Rainbow bee-eater IMG 9110

spiny-cheeked honeyeater acanthagenys rufogularis in outback australia Spiny-cheeked honeyeater IMG 0822

emu chick by river in outback australia Emu chick
IMG 0779

whistling kite haliastur sphenurus in flight against blue sky in outback australia Whistling kite
IMG 7472


All the birds shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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