Australian birds - page 12

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cattle egretsCattle egrets
IMG 7392

superb blue fairy wrenSuperb blue wren
IMG 8375

australian pelicanPelican
IMG 6718

pied oystercatcher beside blue water of oceanPied oystercatcher
IMG 0133

crimson rosellaCrimson rosella
IMG 7737

australian king parrotKing parrot
IMG 8523

red rumped parrots bathing in riverRed rumped parrots
IMG 9532

scaly breasted lorikeet feeding on breadScaly breasted lorikeet IMG 8536

cattle egret in flightCattle egret
IMG 9970A

eastern yellow robin in Australian national parkEastern yellow robin
IMG 8400

flock of pelicans on Australian beachFlock of pelicans
IMG 6912

large egretLarge egret
IMG 1843A

emu in field of flowering canola cropEmu in canola crop
IMG 8468

friarbird honeyeater feeding on nred flowers of native bottlebrush callistemon treeFriarbird feeding
IMG 6314

pelican at Bulloo river in outback australiaPelican on outback river IMG 5538

pied cormorants roosting on wooden jettyPied cormorants

superb blue fairy wrenSuperb blue wren
IMG 8377

scaly breasted and rainbow lorikeets feedingLorikeets
IMG 8538

grey shrike thrushGrey shrike-thrush
IMG 5758

grey shrike thrush faceGrey shrike-thrush
IMG 5760


All the birds shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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