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red hibiscus flwoer close-up on black background Hibiscus

osteospermum ecklonis magenta purple flowers of marguerite daisy Osteospermum ecklonis IMG 5060

double pink gerbera flwoers with dark green leaves Gerbera flowers
IMG 5116

gloriosa superba lily red and yellow flower invasive weed species in Australia Gloriosa superba
IMG D087

grevillea peaches and cream pale yellow flowerGrevillea 'Peaches and Cream' IMG 4345

daylily velvet eyes hemerocallis dark red and orange flowersDaylily 'Velvet Eyes'
IMG 4600

double pink gerbera flowerGerbera flower
IMG 4226

cluster of pink flowers of lagerstroemia indica crepe myrtle pride of indiaLagerstroemia indica
IMG 5516

pink flowers of hakea burrendong beauty
Hakea 'Burrendong Beauty' IMG 4311

flowering annuals in decorative strawberru herb pots Flowering annuals
IMG 5096

cream whote flowers of dracaena fragrans happy plant Dracaena fragrans
IMG D741

purple flowers of angelonia angleface wedgewoo blue granny's bonnet Angelonia
IMG 4592

red flower of callistemon rocky rambler australian native bottlebrushCallistemon 'Rocky Rambler' IMG D659

red pink and white flower of camellia sasanqua something specialCamellia sasanqua
IMG 4255

mass of golden yellow flowers, buds, and green leaves of chrysanthumum multicolour fantasia against sky blue backgroundChrysanthemum 'Fantasia' IMG 3872

sutera cordata rockery ground cover plant growign in decorative container potSutera cordata
IMG 4366

white flower of epiphyllum cactusEpiphyllum cactus
IMG D229

red pink flower of grevillea molly syn judith anneGrevillea 'Molly'
IMG 5379

orange and red flower bracts and green leaves of bromeliad guzmania lingulataGuzmania lingulata
IMG 049

pink flowers of hakea burrendong beautyHakea 'Burrendong Beauty' IMG 4431


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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