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sacred kingfisher

sacred kingfisher

Sacred kingfisher, Todiramphus sanctus, IMG 0443 - The sacred kingfisher is one of the most commonly seen of the 10 species of kingfishers that are found in Australia, with its extensive range including woodlands and forests, particularly those in close proximity to streams, rivers, and wetlands, in addition to the wooded areas and mangrove forests that fringe river estuaries and ocean inlets.

Despite their common name, sacred kingfishers rarely eat fish and although they’ll occasional dive into a garden pond and snatch a goldfish from the water in less time than it takes for a spider to blink all eight of its tiny eyes, they’re more adept at hunting terrestrial prey than capturing elusive aquatic creatures.

This beautiful bird was photographed in the photogapher's extensive bushland garden, which includes several large ponds.

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