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Silver gull in flight

silver gull seagull in flight

Silver gull, Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae, in flight IMG 4653 - It’s hard to imagine that anyone in Australia has never set eyes on a silver gull, for it’s a species that’s found in all coastal areas and is the most common of all the seabirds that stride across Australia's shores, and since European settlement its range of habitats has expanded to include some unexpected and unusual locations.

Silver gulls are regularly seen on beaches where they’ve come to expect handouts of food from every human visitor. They clamour for scraps of fish when anglers clean their catch at the water’s edge, and descend on fishing boats in huge flocks with confidence that a free meal will always be on offer. They wander confidently across sports fields and golf courses, often taking to the skies only when players approach or when a ball comes zooming their way, and they can also be seen parading across the manicured lawns of parklands that border lakes and rivers.

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