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Yellow-throated scrub wren

yellow throated scrub wren

Yellow-throated scrub wren, Sericornis citreogularis, IMG 5540 - For reasons that remain unclear, yellow-throated scrubwrens exist in two widely separated regions of eastern Australia, one of which is in northern Queensland, while the other is an area that stretches from south-eastern Queensland to southern New South Wales.

These cheerful little birds flutter and chirp among the dense undergrowth of rainforests and the damp vegetation that hems gullies that slice through moist eucalypt woodlands. They energetically forage among carpets of leaf litter for the insects, other invertebrates, and small seeds that are the varied ingredients of their diet. And in areas that are also inhabited by superb lyrebirds, they let their neighbours do the hard work and follow them as they rummage among the debris on the forest floor and expose tiny creatures that the yellow-throated scrubwrens can greedily snatch from under their noses.

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