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silver gull

seagull among flowers at Circular quay Sydney

Silver gull IMG 8237 - Silver gulls are a familiar sight in Australia, and although they inhabit beaches and other coastal environments, they are also seen in many unexpected places, and it's usually food that attracts them. This bird was meandering through flowerbeds, planted with pansies and other colourful annuals, near Circular Quay on the edge of Sydney harbour. Its primary reason for being there was the chance to grab any food that was on offer, and with tourists and other visitors to this iconic part of the city happy to toss this bird and it's mates a few crumbs, it was not going to be hungry. Silver gulls are one of the most familiar of the many species of seabirds that are found along Australia's extensive coastline. They are commonly referred to simply as seagulls, but dedicated ornithologists know them by their scientific name of Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae.

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