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Sulphur crested cockatoo

sulphur crested white cockatoo in outback Australia

Sulphur crested cockatoo Cacatua galerita IMG 79661 - This Australian parrot species is loved by those who like to keep caged birds, and despised by farmers. Large flocks routinely feed on ripening crops of grain and there is little that farmers can do to deter them. When they've finally had their fill, they take to the skies with the screams of a horde of banshees and the beating of hundreds of pairs of wings.  While anyone with a hint of compassion can sympathise with farmers whose crops have come under attack, the sight and sound of an immense flock of these beautiful birds flying overhead or settling down to roost in lofty eucalyptus trees inevitably triggers a gasp of awe. This photo is of a bird in outback Queensland.

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