Garden Flowers - page 15

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vireya tropical rhododendron hot topic yellow flowers Vireya rhododendron 'Hot Topic' IMG D091

tropical vireya rhododendron orange way flowers Vireya rhododendron IMG D302

portulaca double flowers Perennial Portulaca
IMG D475

zephyranthes grandiflora syn rosea pink flowers rain liliesZephyranthes grandiflora IMG 3813

senna diymobytra yellow flowers and foliage of shrub
Senna didymobytra
IMG 4308

spathoglottis plicata cream flower of asutralian ground orchid on dark backgroundSpathoglottis plicata
IMG D406

wisteria chinensis purple mauve flowersWisteria chinensis
IMG 8162

zephyranthes candida white flowers of rain liliesZephyranthes candida
IMG 3946

yellow rose bud on dark backgroundYellow rose

spathoglottis plicata cream flower of australian native ground orchidSpathoglottis plicata
IMG D414

zingiber spectabil flower bracts and elaves of beehive gingerZingiber spectabil
IMG 7113

lobelia blue flowers of annual plant in decorative ceramic pot containerLobelia
IMG 5826

senna didymobytra yellow flowers and green leaves of shrub Senna didymobytra
IMG 5506

vriesea golden leaves bromeliad Vriesea hybrid
IMG 4979

spathoglottis plicata purple flower of australian ground orchid on dark backgroundSpathoglottis plicata
IMG 6510

fittonia albivenis red pink foliage of ground cover plant Fittonia albivenis
IMG 5793

camellia sasanqua pink flower Camellia sasanqua
IMG 5789

doritaenopsis orchid lightning white with splashes of purple on dark background Doritaenopsis orchid
IMG 5814

fittonia albivensis green elaves with white veins of ground cover mosaic plant Fittonia albivenis
IMG 5802

dendrobium orchid bernadette x cheunsangon magenta red flower on black background Dendrobium orchid
IMG 5806


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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