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stapelia variegata succulent plant and unusual flower Stapelia variegata IMG 5668

white waterlily flower with australian native bee Waterlily
IMG D658

red flwoers of erythrina bidwillii coral tree Erythrina bidwillii
IMG 8158

hibiscus hawaiian variety rainbow fire orange and redHibiscus 'Rainbow Fire' IMG 3984

grevillea sylvia red flower of asutralian native plantGrevillea 'Sylvia'
IMG 4383

habranthus robustus white and pink flowers rain liliesHabranthus robustus
IMG 4640

ornamental kale Ornamental kale
IMG 7854

rondeletia odorata orange flowersRondeletia odorata
IMG 4117

gerbera bauerii nobleflora apricot orange double flower close upGerbera flower
IMG 4707

red hanging flower of hibiscus schizopetalus with raindrops on petalsHibiscus
IMG D468

huernia zebrina succulent plant with flower growing in decorative pot containerHuernia zebrina
IMG 5302

mesgaskepasma erythrochlamys flowers of brazilian red cloakMegaskepasma
IMG 6506

grevillea flamingo red pink flower of australian native shrub Grevillea 'Flamingo'
IMG 4384

habranthus robustus white and pink flowers of rain lilies Habranthus robustus
IMG 4635

louisiana iris aunt shirley close up of pink flower of aquatic plantLouisiana iris 'Aunt Shirley' IMG 0084

luoisiana geisha eyes deep purple flower with yellow throat and blue green leaves of aquatic plantLouisiana iris 'Geisha Eyes' IMG 3389

neoenthes truncata x sibuyanensis pitcher plant with raindropsNepenthes - pitcher plant IMG D260

polianthes tuberosa white perfumed flowers of tuberose on dark backgroundPolianthes tuberosa
IMG 6414

portulaca annula flowers red and yellow
Annual portulaca
IMG 4628

portulaca grandiflora vivid pink and yellow flowers and green leavesPortulaca grandiflora
IMG 4629


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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