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nepenthes truncata x sibuyanensis insecting eating carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes pitcher plant IMG D261

miltoniopsis pansy orchid flower Miltoniopsis orchid
IMG 4687

bealiara white flowers of orchid Bealiara orchid
IMG 5433

penstemon hartwegii picotee pink red flowersPenstemon hartwegii 'Picotee' IMG D232

hibiscus pink smile large flowerHibiscus 'Pink Smile'
IMG D467

Hibiscus panduriformis australian native plant bright yellow flowerNative hibiscus
IMG D174

daylily lois hall red and cream flwoer with raindrops on petalsDaylily 'Lois Hall'
IMG 5438

grevillea superb red and cream flower of australian native plantGrevillea 'Superb'
IMG D230

lobelia anuual plant with puprle and ble flowers in decorative ceramic pot containerLobelia
IMG 4605

vireya tropical rhododendron orange way close up of flowerVireya Rhododendron IMG D303

rudbeckia hirta yellow cone flowerRudbeckia hirta
IMG D479

thunbergia erecta purple flowerThunbergia erecta
IMG 4121

rhaphiolepsis indica white flowers of indian hawthorn Rhaphiolepsis indica
IMG 8023

polianthes tuberosa white perfumed flwoers of tuber rose Polianthes tuberosa
IMG 6422

huernia loeseneriana succulent plant with flowerHuernia loeseneriana IMG 5735

lagerstroemia indica white flowers of crepe myrtle pride of indiaLagerstroemia indica
IMG 5515

carphalea kirondron flwoers and red bractsCarphalea kirondron
IMG D456

epiphyllum apricot orange flower of cactus plant close upEpiphyllum cactus
IMG 0207

close up of orange yellow gerbera flowerGerbera flower
IMG 0077

pale pink double gerbera with raindrops on petalsGerbera flower
IMG D237


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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