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acacia wattle flowers Acacia / wattle flowers IMG 8491

aechmea pineliana bromeliad with yellow flowers and red bracts on black background Aechmea pineliana
IMG D226

orange bracts of curcuma roscoeana ornamental ginger Curcuma roscoeanna
IMG D085

clerodendron ugandense blue butterfly bush flowers and buds Clerodendron ugandense IMG D228

anthurium andreanum red spadixAnthurium
IMG 0490E

red callistemon bottlebrush flower and green leaves against black backgroundCallistemon flower
IMG 4593

euphorbia milii rancho collection crown of thorns succulent red flowersEuphorbia millii
IMG 4351

plumeria pudica everlasting love frangipani white flowersPlumeria pudica
IMG 4757

hibiscus hawaiian cultivar jayella red and yellow flowerHibiscus 'Jayella'
IMG D466

stapelia gigantea carrion starfish flower  succulnet flower buds and stemsStapelia gigantea
IMG D086

neoregelia hula girl red leaves bromeliadNeoregelia 'Hula Girl'
IMG 4969

hoya carnosa wax flower white nad red flwoers of climbing plantHoya carnosa
IMG 4728

hippeastrum double or nothing white flwoers with red stripes Hippeastrum 'Double or Nothing' IMG 0046

ipomoea horsfalliae cardinal creeper climber red flowers Ipomoea horsfalliae
IMG D470

leucanthemum daisy may flowers white daisiesLeucanthemum 'Daisy May' IMG 4614

nepenthes truncata x sibuyanensis carnivorous insect eating pitcher plant pitchers Nepenthes
IMG D175

ornametnal kale white and pink mauve leaves of brassicaOrnamental kale
IMG 7836

loropetalum chinensis var rubrum china pink flowers of fringe flowerLoropetalum chinensis IMG D472

hibiscus flwoer white and red close up with raindrops on petalsHibiscus flower
IMG D450

hibiscus flower hawaiian variety red and yellow flowerHibiscus flower
IMG 8024


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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