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acacia wattle flowersWattle flowers
IMG D132

cluster of pink flowers of bedding begoniasBedding begonias
IMG 4762

calibrachoas perennial petunias with yellow flowers in decorative container potCalibrachoas
IMG 4963

red flower of camellia sasanqua yuletideCamellia 'Yuletide'
IMG D169

red flowers of acalypha hispida red hot cats tailsAcalypha hispida
IMG 3953

pink and blue flowers of bromeliad aechmea gamosepala matchsticks Aechmea gamosepala
IMG D453

red flower with raindrops on petals african desert rose adenium obtusum Adenium obtusum
IMG D410

pink and white flowers of bambino bougainvillea majik in decorative pot container Bougainvillea 'Majik'
IMG 5008

red flower of schlumbergera rhipsalidopsis gaertneri easter cactusSchlumbergera gaertneri IMG 4258

yellow flowers of scutellaria jesters joy garboScutellaria 'Garbo'
IMG 5539

pink flowers of succulent plant sedum spectabilis neonSedum spectabilis 'Neon' IMG 5018

pink flower of bromeliad tillandsia strictaTillandsia stricta
IMG 4348

rose double delight red and white flowerRose 'Double Delight'
IMG 5444

orange flowers of rondeletia odorataRondeletia odorata
IMG 4106A

flower of sarracenia insect eating carnivorous plantSarracenia flower
IMG D643

magenta pink flower and leaves of ruellia macranthaRuellia macrantha
IMG 4377

magenta purple flower of osteospermum ecklonis marguerite daisyOsteospermum ecklonis IMG 5057A

yellow and red flower of phalaenopsis orchid Phalaenopsis orchid
IMG 5578

pink purple flowers of phalaenopsis orchidPhalaenopsis orchid
IMG 5112

orange spotted flower of lilium tigrinum tiger lilyLilium tigrinum
IMG 3808


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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