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geranium florever series pink red and white flowers Geranium Florever series IMG D493E

drosera capensis macro photo of carnivorous insect eating sundew plant Drosera capensis

orange flower of grevillea firesprite australian native plant Grevillea 'Firesprite'
IMG D449

globba winitii thai beauty unusual pink flowers of ornamental ginger plantGlobba winitii
IMG D460

red and yellow chrysantheum flowersChrysanthemums
IMG D442

dionaea muscipula macro image of white flwoer of venus fly trap insect eating carnivorous plantDionaea muscipula
IMG D459

epiphyllum cactus apricot orange flowerEpiphyllum cactus
IMG 0206

white perfumed flower of gardenia augustifoliaGardenia augustifolia IMG D744

double pink red and white geranium flowersGeranium flowers
IMG D745

geranium florever series red pink and white flowersGeranium Florever series IMG D322

geranium mr wren orange and white flowersGeranium 'Mr Wren'
IMG D200

yellow gerbera flowersGerbera flowers
IMG 5117

guzmani orange flower bracts of bromeliad Guzmania
IMG 4407

heliconia red and yellow bracts of tropical ginger plant Heliconia
IMG 3867

hibiscus dragonss breath red and white flowerHibiscus 'Dragon's Breath' IMG D464

hibiscus el capitolito sport unusual apricot orange flowerHibiscus 'El Capitolito' IMG D465

bedding begonias in decorative terracotta pot containerBedding begonias
IMG 4621

alstroemeria peruvian princess lily orange red flowerAlstroemeria flower
IMG D657

daylily jerry pate williams apricot orange semi double hemerocallis flowerDaylily 'Jerry Pate Williams' IMG 4604

red and white speckled hibiscus flowerHibiscus flower
IMG 3880


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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