Australian animals - page 4

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non-venompus snake in Australia, carpet pythonCarpet python
IMG 1003

group of eastern grey kangaroosEastern grey kangaroos IMG 2501

green frog litoria fallax on fern leafFrog, Litoria fallax
IMG 3792

red kangaroo in outback AustraliaRed kangaroo
IMG 1233

blue tongue lizard Tiliqua sincoidesBlue tongue lizard
IMG 4476

blue tongue lizard Tiliqua sincoidesBlue tongue lizard
IMG 4478

two young kangaroosYoung kangaroos
IMG 7830

male sea lion on beach in South AustraliaSea lion on beach
IMG 6862


swamp ratSwamp rat
IMG 9518

rare rock wallaby among boulders in outbacl in central australiaRock wallaby
IMG 4962A

kangaroos on coast of south australia with ocean waves in backgroundKangaroos
IMG 7673

kangaroo in motionKangaroo

eastern water dragon lizardEastern water dragon
IMG 1589

echidna, australian spiny anteaterEchidna / Spiny anteater IMG 1640

eastern water dragon lizard in shallow streamEastern water dragon
IMG 4081

eastern water dragon lizard on rockEastern water dragon
IMG 4079

two sea lions on beach in south AustraliaSea lions on beach
IMG 6792

swamp wallabySwamp wallaby
IMG 0108

red necked wallabyRed necked wallaby
IMG 7195


All animals shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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