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sarracenia alata green yellow flower of insect eating plantSarracenia alata
IMG D644

yellow flower with raindoprs on petals turnera elegans early birdTurnera elegans 'Early Bird' IMG D751

melaleuca thymifolia white lace flowersMelaleuca 'White Lace' IMG D376E

mussaenda queen sirikit pink bracts yellow flowers and green leaves of deciduous shrubMussaenda 'Queen Sirikit' IMG 4981

vireya rhododendron just peachy apricot orange flowers Vireya rhododendron
IMG D637

vriesia mariae bromeliad flowers close up Vriesia Mariae
IMG D410

zamia encephalatos ferox orange seed cone fruit of cycad zamia palmZamia encephalatos ferox IMG D130

zephyranthes grandiflora syn rosea autumn crocus pink flowers Zephyranthes grandiflora IMG 3812

melicope elleryana syn euodia pink flowers of australian native corkwood treeMelicope elleryana
IMG 5552

ixora chinensis whte flowers with raindropsIxora chinensis
IMG 5525

daylily braided edges cream flower with orange red frilly edges on white backgroundDaylily 'Braided Edged' IMG 6291

gerbera bauerii noblefora double orange flower close upGerbera bauerii nobleflora IMG 4092

garden table with colourful flowering pot plantsGarden table
IMG 5386

felicia amelloides flowers blue daisies Felicia amelloides
IMG D640

daylily larry's obsession dark puorple red flwoer with cream frilled edges hemerocallis Daylily 'Larry's Obsession' IMG 4590

seed pods of koelreuteria paniculata sausage tree
Koelreuteria paniculata IMG 3934

flwoer of huernia zebrina succulent plantHuernia zebrina
IMG 3775

leaf damaged by insectsDamaged leaf
IMG 6597

callistemon misty pink bottlebrush flowers panoramic photoCallistemon 'Misty Pink' IMG 9603

alstroemerai inticancha red and white flowers of peruvian princess lily panoramic photoAlstroemeria 'Inticancha' IMG 4724


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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