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greater glider

greater glider, face of unusual Australian animal

Greater glider IMG 167 - The nocturnal greater glider has to be one of the most beautiful of all Australian animals, yet it's one that few Australians would recognise, and one that most have never seen or even heard of. It spends much of its life in the tops of trees and rarely comes down to the ground. And when it's out and about at night, it uses flaps of skin between its front and rear legs as 'wings' that allow it to glide from one treetop to another. Its arboreal lifestyle means it's an animal that is rarely photographed, but this image was captured when the hollow tree that had been the glider's home fell to the ground during a violent tropical storm. The animal was left to find shelter, during the daylight hours, among the understory of the forest that is part of the photographer's extensive bushland garden.

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