Australian birds- page 3

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blue faced honeyeater Blue faced honeyeater IMG 6352

male emu with chicks in outback australiaEmu and chicks
IMG 8462

galahs in outback QueenslandGalahs
IMG 4766

pacific gull reflected in blue water at Baird Bay south AustraliaPacific gull
IMG 6978

pelican on golden water at sunrisePelican at sunrise
IMG 9612

flock of pelicans on beach at Mallacoota VictoriaFlock of pelicans

pelican with plastic bag in beachPelican with plastic bag IMG 6914

crimson rosela feeding on berriesCrimson rosella
IMG 9734

long billed corellas feedign on spilt grainLong billed corellas

cattle egret with chicks on nestCattle egret and chicks IMG 8366

pied oysterecatcher walking on sandy beachPied oystercatcher
IMG 8050-E2

western bowerbird on rock in outback northern territoryWestern bowerbird
IMG 5344

close up of king parrot in the wildKing parrot

brown honeyeater lichmera indistinctaBrown honeyeater
IMG 8942

wedge tailed eagle in northern territory outback AustraliaWedge tailed eagle
IMG 6300

cattle egret chicks on nestEgret chicks
IMG 7482

flock of corellas in outback south AustraliaFlock of corellas
IMG 6153

close up of face of scrub / brush turkeyScrub / brush turkey

close up of face of wedge taield eagle against blue skyWedge tailed eagle
IMG 4390

eastern yellow robin on stumpEastern yellow robin
IMG 4196


All the birds shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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