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female satin bowerbird with dandelion flower in beakSatin bowerbird
IMG 7803

singing honeyeater among flowers of templetonia retusa cockys tongue at Eyre peninsula south AustraliaSinging honeyeater
IMG 7564

whistling kite in outback queensland australiaWhistling kite
IMG 1039A

white thraoted honeyeater melithreptus albogularis at garden bird bathHoneyeater
IMG 8910A

brolga native companion in outback australia Brolga
IMG 0851

cattle egret on flight with stick for nesting material in beak
Cattle egret
IMG 1321

great egret wadin in blue water of oceanEgret
IMG 8997

royal spoonbill wading in water of wetlands
Royal spoonbill
IMG 3022

close up of flock of emus in outback australiaEmus
IMG 9374

flock of corellas roostin on railings of cattle yard near Lake Eyre in outback australiaFlock of corellas
IMG 6164

grey crowned babbler at garden bird bathGrey crowned babbler IMG 6623

flock of galahs in flight in outback australia Flock of galahs
IMG 5774A

plumed egret in flightPlumed egret
IMG 8343

Crested terns
IMG 6487

white thraoted honeyeaters melithreptus aqlbogularis at garden birdbathHoneyeaters
IMG 8901

wood duck with group of ducklings  waddling on grassy riverbankWood duck and ducklings IMG 8989

humourous image of group of choughs in garden bird bathChoughs
IMG 1116

plumed egret in flightPlumed egret
IMG 1842A

masked lapwings / plovers wading in shallow water at australian beachMasked plovers
IMG 6522

pied oystercatchers on sandy australian beachPied oystercatchers
IMG 7118


All the birds shown on this site were photographed in the wild, not in captivity.

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