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Trawler after floods

trawler fishing baot washed ashore after bundaberg queensland floods

Trawler after floods IMG 0525 - Torrential rains that fell in Queensland in January 2013 caused severe flooding in many areas of the state, with the city of Bundaberg inundated by muddy floodwaters as the Burnett River, which slices through the city, broke its banks. Thousands of homes and many business premises were submerged, and several houses were completely destroyed by the raging water, leaving only rows of stumps and muddy foundations as a reminder of their former existence. Boats of all sizes, which were moored in the river, were also severely damaged as nature threw her worst tantrum in more than 100 years. And when the flood waters finally subsided, this fishing boat was left high and dry like a toy that had been tossed from the water of a young child's bathtub.

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