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bougainvillea araroma

cluster of lilac pink mauve perfumed flowers of new thornless bougainvillea variety Araroma

Bougainvillea 'Araroma' IMG 5833 - Bougainvilleas are renowned as much for their savage thorns and vigorous growth as they are for their beautiful flowers, but this newly released variety has none of the unwelcome features of its older relatives. It has no thorns, and although it can grow to a considerable height, its less rampant growth habit allows it to be pruned to resemble a shrub. Its flowers are as spectacular as those of other bougainvilleas, but they have the bonus of being perfumed, and that's a characteristic that's new to bougainvilleas. It doesn't take a fortune-teller with a crystal ball to prophesy that this stunning new introduction to the wide range of bougainvilleas will soon be on every gardener's must-have list of plants, and that those in cool climates will drool over a species that's out of their reach.

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