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Lagunaria patersonia

pink flower of lagunaria patersonia norfolk island hibiscus, australian native  pyramid tree

Lagunaria patersonia IMG 1678A - This is the beautiful flower of a plant that's commonly known as a Norfolk Island hibiscus tree. It is not, however, a true hibiscus, but belongs to the Malvaceae family and thus is related to hibiscus. It is endemic to the Australian territories of Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island, and is also found, in the wild, in some areas of coastal Queensland. It is also widely known as 'Pyramid tree', 'Queensland white oak', and 'sally wood'. Its globular seed pods contain fine hairs that can cause skin irritations and it's this feature of this attractive tree that has earned it the additional colloquial names of 'itchy bomb tree' and 'cow itch tree'.

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