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pansy flower Pansy
IMG 5790

cattleya orchid narooma x deception drop copper spots purpel mauve pink flower Cattleya orchid
IMG 5809

wicker basket of annual flowering plants and bedding begonias in container Basket of flowers
IMG 5822

stellamizutara orchid topaz dearest romance pale pink mauve and white flowerStellamizutara orchid IMG 5811

fittonia albivenis vivd red  leaves with green veins ground cover plant
Fittonia albivenis
IMG 5794

fittonia albivenis vivd pink red leaves with dark green margins  Fittonia albivenis
IMG 5804

combretum constrictum red orange flower ot Thailand pompom bush on black background Combretum constrictum IMG 5729

bougainvillea lilac pink perfumed flowers of new thornless cultivar Araroma Bougainvillea- new cultivar IMG 5833

nepenthes pitcher plant 'Lantern' Nepenthes pitcher plant IMG 5715

cluster of magenta and whte orchid flowers dendrobium louisae on dark background Dendrobium orchid
IMG 5725A

purple blue and white orchid flower of vanda arambeen Vanda orchid
IMG 5723

angelonia purple flowers on black background Angelonia
IMG 5869

unusual globular pink and white flower and leaves of hakea laurina hybrid Stockdale sensation Hakea laurina hybrid
IMG 5842A

vivid red flower bracts splashed with white of poinsettia Ice Punch Poinsettia 'Ice Punch'
IMG 5877

vivid purple flowers of petunia flowering annuals in decorative terracotta container pot Petunias
IMG 5871

red and white spathes and dark green leaves of anthurium andreanum cultivar princess amalia elegance Anthurium
IMG 5899

orange red and yellow hibiscus flower with double petals, leaves and buds Hibiscus
IMG 5905

hibiscus sinensis apollo,vivid yellow orange flower with red centre throat Hibiscus 'Apollo'
IMG 5838

hakea laurina hybrid cultivar stockdale sensation globular pink pincushion flower and green leaves on dark background Hakea laurina hybrid
IMG 5858A

calliandra flower buds red on black background Calliandra tweedii
IMG 5868


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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