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pink flower of bauhinia variegata butterfly tree Bauhinia variegata
IMG 6012

pink flowers of hakea burrendong beauty Hakea 'Burrendong Beauty' IMG 5986

flowers of torenia fournieri wishbone flower Torenia fournieri
IMG 6030

pink flowers of hakea burrendong beautyHakea 'Burrendong Beauty' IMG 5962

pink flowers of hakea burrendong beauty
Hakea 'Burrendong Beauty' IMG 5983

flower of shrimp plant justicia brandegeeana beloperone guttata Justicia
IMG 5971

orchid flower on white background Orchid
IMG 5811-2

yellow flowers buds and leaves of acacia podalyrifolia mount morgan silver wattle Acacia podalyrifolia
IMG 6319

red leaves of acalypha wilkesiana Acalypha wilkesiana IMG 5974

pink flowers of hakea burrendong beauty Hakea 'Burrendong Beauty' IMG 5959

pink flowers of pentas lanceolataPentas lanceolata
IMG 5973

bromeliad neoregelia kooloo mist Neoregelia 'Kooloo Mist' IMG 6009

vivid yellow flower and green leaves of annual portulaca grandiflora on dark background Portulaca grandiflora IMG 6564

vivid pink flower of epiphyllum cactus Epiphyllum cactus IMG 6519

cluster of red / pink flowers and green leaves of Spiraea / Spirea japonica Anthony Waterer May Bush Spiraea japonica
IMG 6563

cluster of red / pink and white flowers, buds and dark green leaves of adenium obesum pretty pink' desert rose Adenium obesum
IMG 6562

dark red hairy flower of stapelia obducta on black background Stapelia obducta
IMG 6522

red / pink leaves edged with green of coleus solenostemon scettellarioides coral ruffles collection bordeaux Coleus 'Coral Ruffles'
IMG 6508

green ceramic container, strawberry / herb pot with mass of colourful flowers of annual plants portulaca and lobelia Container of annuals IMG 6460

purple / mauve flower and green leaves of grevillea 'dorothy gordon' on dark background Grevillea 'Dorothy Gordon' IMG 6478


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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