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mauve anthurium andreanum cavalli Anthurium 'Cavalli'
IMG 6433

red pink green leaves of solenostemon scuttellarioides coral ruffles bordeauxColeus 'Bordeaux'
IMG 6506

yellow and green variegated leaves of solenostemon scuttellarioides coral ruffles gold ruffles Coleus 'Gold Ruffles'
IMG 6505

red and white orchid flower cymbidium mary green cutie pieCymbidium Cutie Pie IMG 6418A

coleus solenostemon flowers and foliage
Coleus flowers
IMG 6045

red flower and bud of epiphyllum christmas cactus Epiphyllum cactus
IMG 6515

yellow flower of hibiscus sinensis granada Hibiscus 'Granada'
IMG 6468

red deep pink flowers of climber hoya carnosa royal hawaiian
Hoya 'Royal Hawaiian'
IMG 6442

red daylily flower hemerocallis awesome bob Daylily 'Awesome Bob' IMG 6547

pink flwoer of lagunaria patersonia norfolk island hibiscus native pyramid tree Lagunaria patersonia IMG 1678A

cluster of white flowers of bulbs ornithogalum dubium, star of bethlehemOrnithogalum dubium
IMG 6449

pink flowers of asutralian native rockery plant scaevola aemula pink charm Scaevola aemula
IMG 6490

orange / yellow daylily flower hemerocallis pumpkin prince Daylily 'Pumpkin Prince' IMG 6476

lilac mauve / pink daylily flower hemerocallis strawberry lace Daylily 'Strawberry Lace' IMG 6483

red and white flwoer of annual dorotheanthus bellidiformis Dorotheanthus
IMG 6543

faucaria succulent plant in unusal container old boot Faucaria in boot
IMG 6028

red flwoers and green elaves of gerbera jamesonii Gerbera jamesonii
IMG 6513

pink and yellow flowers of asutralian native shrub grevillea peaches and cream Grevillea 'Peaches & Cream' IMG 6550

flower bud of pink and yellow chameleon rose with raindrops on petals and leaves Chameleon rose
IMG 6452

pink flowers of australian native rockery plant scaevola aemula pink charm in terracotta container / pot Pot plants
IMG 6491


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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