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John Hayes rock hole

john hayes waterhole in trephina gorge nature park central australia

John Hayes rockhole IMG 4997 - This rugged and rocky landscape in the Trephina Gorge Nature Park is known as the John Hayes rock hole. At the time when this image was captured the waterhole was almost dry, but in this remote region even the smallest pool of water creates an oasis for wildlife. And visitors, with a little patience, might, at dawn or dusk, see a rock wallaby drop by for a sip of the cool, though murky water. The Trephina Gorge Nature Park, in the East MacDonnell Ranges, is within easy reach of the central Australian town of Alice Springs, and is a popular tourist attraction in this part of outback Australia. This section of the park can only be reached by travellers with a four wheel drive vehicle, as the four kilometre long access track is very sandy, rocky, and rugged.

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