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drought in Australia

drougth at lake constance in diamantina national park outback queensland australia

Drought IMG 8554A - When drought strikes outback Australia shallow lakes become little more than muddy pools of water and, as a long dry spell continues, many of these sources of water, which are essential for the survival of wildlife, vanish from the landscape. When every drop of water has finally evaporated during a prolonged drought, birds and native animals must either find an alternative source of water or die. While there's water there's life however, and here, at Lake Constance in western Queensland's vast Diamantina National Park, flocks of budgerigars are one of many species of birds that thrive in this remote region. The Australian outback has seen droughts come and go for millennia, but as both the frequency and the severity of such events intensify, the role that climate change and global warming might play cannot be ignored.

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