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Logging Truck in forest

panoramic photo of logging truck in nowendoc state forest nsw

Logging truck IMG 8244 - Many years ago huge tracts of native forest near the tiny town of Nowendoc were cleared, and plantations of pine trees were established in what is now a state forest. They provide a valuable timber resource that is currently being harvested, and anyone travelling along the rough and winding roads that slice through the forest must be continually on the lookout for trucks that, with their cargoes of logs, are hurrying on their way to a local sawmill. Fortunately, large tracts of native forests adjacent to the pine plantations were spared from the bulldozers and are now protected in the Nowendoc National Park, a rugged wilderness area that is a refuge for wildlife, as well as for humans who are eager to escape, for a brief period of time, from the chaos of the modern world.

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