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pale yellow wattle acacia flowers Acacia / wattle
IMG 0222

close up of bright yellow acacia wattle flowersAcacia / wattle
IMG 0232

red flowers of acalypha reptans ground cover or rockery plant Acalypha reptans
IMG D452

bright red spathe and green leaves of anthurium andreanumAnthurium
andreanum IMG 4745

fire red orange spikes and blue green leaves of spectacular aloe flowers
Aloe flowers

flowers of shell ginger alpinia zerumbetAlpinia zerumbet
IMG D454

mauve and white flower and green leaves of azalea indica rosa belton
Azalea 'Rosa Belton'
IMG 8070

mauve flowers of barleria cristataBarleria cristata
IMG 4240

anthurium pandola pink and green spatheAnthurium 'Pandola'
IMG 5779

mass of Chrysanthemum flwoers fantasia yellow orangeChrysanthemum 'Fantasia' IMG 3877

daylily braided edges apricot and red pink flwoer with ruffled petals  close up viewDaylily 'Braided Edges' IMG 6292

grevillea just rosy red flower of australian native shrubGrevillea 'Just Rosy'
IMG 4429

sarracenia green pitcher of insect eating carnivorous plant Sarracenia
IMG D233

unusual green yellow flower of sarracenia alata carnivorous insect eating pitcher plant on black background Sarracenia alata
IMG D647

ruttya fruticosa orange red flwoer of jammy mouth shrubRuttya fruticosa
IMG D480

pink bracts and blue flowers of tillandsia stricta  a bromeliad groing on tree trunkTillandsia stricta
IMG 4349

nymphaea daubeniana blue flower of australian native waterlily with native beesNymphaea daubeniana IMG 0453

red flower of old fashioned rose with raindrops on petalsRose
IMG D750

red rose fragrant cloud flower and budRose 'Fragrant Cloud'

stapelia flowerStapelia
IMG 5678


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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