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bedding begonias in decorative terracotta pot container Bedding begonias
IMG 4622

callerya megasperma syn melletia white and mauve flwoers of australian native wisteriaCallerya megasperma
IMG 0089

curcuma pink peral flwoers of ornamental ginger Curcuma 'Pink Pearl'
IMG 5293

daylily braided edges paricot and red pink flwoer with ruffled edgesDaylily 'Braided Edges' IMG 6291

bougainvillea fancy pants red bracts white flwoers and green leaves
Bougainvillea 'Fancy Pants' IMG D357EV

buckinghamia celsissima cream flwoers of asutralian native tree ivory curl flowerBuckinghamia celsissima IMG D455

calliandra tweedii red flwoers and green leaves of fairy duster pom pom bush
Calliandra tweedii
IMG 3834

curcuma voodoo magic dark red pink flower bracts of ornamental gingerCurcuma 'Voodoo Magic' IMG 4720

azalea indica inga pink and white lower and green leavesAzalea indica 'Inga'

bromeliad neoregelia bill morris purple and green leavesNeoregelia 'Bill Morris' IMG 4738

cucruma pink pearl cluster of flwoer bracts of ornamental ginger on black backgroundCurcuma 'Pink Pearl' IMG 6472

daylily jane trimmer apricot and dark red flowerDaylily 'Jane Trimmer' IMG 1046

grevillea peaches and cream australian native shrub Grevillea 'Peaches & Cream' IMG 4343

hibiscus diversifolia pale yellow flower of australian native shrub Hibiscus diversifolia
IMG D463

stapelia flowerStapelia flower
IMG 9738

leucanthemum daisy may white flwoer on light textured backgroundLeucanthemum 'Daisy May' IMG 4614B2

tropical rhododendron vireya hot topic orange yellow flowersRhododendron vireya 'Hot Topic' IMG 4370

vriesea carinata crabs claw bromeliad yellow and red flower bracts
Vriesea carinata
IMG D092

white flower of magnolia grandiflora Magnolia grandiflora
IMG 0731

red flower of hibiscusHibiscus flower


The majority of images in this category are of flowers and plants growing in the photographer's extensive sub-tropical garden in Queensland.

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